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Yoke Nut
Our Price: $3.00
Check Valve
Our Price: $6.00
Ring gear bolt lock tab plate Huglock, nut for pinion yoke to pinion shaft Check valve for the center of the fuel pump, external
Axle Vent
Our Price: $6.00
Cover Gasket
Our Price: $8.00
Vent valve on top of axle Rear cover gasket Fits CJ3A, CJ3B,CJ5 and M38A1.
Pinion Seal
Our Price: $10.00
Carrier Bearing Cup
Our Price: $12.50
Pinion Bearing Cup Outer
Our Price: $12.50
Pinion seal at front of differential Carrier bearing race Outer pinion bearing race
Pinion Outer Bearing Cone
Our Price: $18.50
Pinion Bearing Inner Cup
Our Price: $18.50
Carrier Bearing Cone
Our Price: $21.00
Outer roller bearing, pinion Inner bearing race for the drive pinion Ring gear carrier side bearing cone
Pinion Bearing Inner Cone
Our Price: $22.00
Shim Kit, Differential
Our Price: $22.50
Pinion Yoke
Our Price: $55.00
Inner bearing cone for the drive pinion Shim kit for the carrier and pinion bearings Pinion yoke at differential
Axle Shaft Right
Our Price: $99.00
Axle Shaft Left
Our Price: $99.00
Gear Set, Drive
Our Price: $200.00
Tapered axle shaft for either the M38 or 38A1 Tapered axle shaft for either the M38 or 38A1 Ring and Pinion gear set, matched