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Oil Line Grommet Running Board Bolt, Long Floor Pan Screw
Oil Line Grommet
Our Price: $1.00
Floor Pan Screw
Our Price: $1.50
Bolts the running board to the bracket. Used on the 3/4 ton and 1.5 ton WC Dodge( except left front), also used on the 1/2 ton WC Dodge and civilian power wagon.
Used on 3/4 ton and 1.5 ton WC Dodge, can be used on Civilian Power wagon(originally used hex bolt).
Running Board Bolt, Short Transfer Case Hole Plug Windshield Rest, Leather
Transfer Case Hole Plug
Our Price: $2.00
Used on the 3/4 ton and 1.5 ton WC Dodge( front left only) and the M37. 1 1/4'' length.
Hole plugs for the transfercase mounting bolts Leather pad for the windshield rest bracket on the hood.
Footman Loop Cargo Box Mounting Pad, Square Clinch Nut, Floor
Footman Loop
Our Price: $2.00
Clinch Nut, Floor
Our Price: $3.00
Standard footman loop for the 1 inch strap. Listing is for one piece.
Square box to chassis pad where the bolt attaches the box to the chassis.
Special clinch nut attached to various locations on the floor
Firewall Pad Fastener Cargo Box Mounting Pad, Rectangle Troop Seat Hinge Bracket Pin, Late
Firewall Pad Fastener
Our Price: $3.00
Special push tab used to retain the firewall pad. 6x6 trucks need 2 of the rectangular.
Troop Seat Hinge Bracket Pin, Early Rubber Door Bumper Screw Plate Red Reflector Lens
Red Reflector Lens
Our Price: $4.00
Special metal tapping plate to retain the door rubber bumper on the pillar post. Replacement red lens for all reflector housings
Amber Reflector Lens Hood Latch Catch / Hood to Windshield Rest Catch Bracket Lazy Back Seat Retainer Clip
Amber Reflector Lens
Our Price: $4.00
Replacement amber lens for all reflector housings Used on the 3/4 ton Dodge open cab only, 1.5 ton Dodge, M37 and M601. NOS part.
Windshield Support Frame to Top Canvas Fastener Wiper Motor Acorn Nut Cowl Vent Door Return Spring
Wiper Motor Acorn Nut
Our Price: $4.00
Open cab models, 12 required.
Hood Hinge Pivot Screw Firewall Hardware Kit 41-47 Closed Cab Window Run Retainer Clip
Hood Hinge Pivot Screw
Our Price: $4.50
4 Required per vehicle.
Special hardware for use on the outside of the firewall. Closed cab weatherstrip clip.
Kilroy Was Here Decal Trailer Socket Door Seal Headlamp Mounting Bolt
Kilroy Was Here Decal
Our Price: $5.00
Headlamp Mounting Bolt
Our Price: $5.00
Fun Kilroy was here decal to place anywhere on your vehicle.
Safety Strap Bracket Screw, Command Car Safety Strap Bracket Bolt, Open Cab Rubber Door Bumper
Rubber Door Bumper
Our Price: $6.00
Safety strap bracket for the front and the rear on the Command Car.
Open cab seat bracket for the safety strap. Special rubber bumper on the closed cab trucks.