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U-Joint Clamp Lock, Bolt End U-Joint Clamp Lock, Nut End Universal Joint Clamp Bolt
Clamp lock for the nut end.
Used on the early T-207, 3/4 ton, 1.5 ton and civilian power wagon.
1/8 Grease Zerk, 67.5 Angle Universal Joint Clamp Bolt Kit Detroit Universal Joint Clamp
67 1/2 degree angled fitting, 1/8 end.
Includes one bolt, one nut, one u-joint clamp lock nut end and one u-joint clamp lock bolt end.
Used on the early T-207 WC Dodge, 3/4 ton WC Dodge, 1.5 ton WC Dodge and civilian power wagon.
Slip Yoke Oil Seal Cap Mechanics U-Joint Clamp, 1/2 Ton Driveshaft Felt 1/2 ton
Slip Yoke Oil Seal Cap
Our Price: $5.00
Driveshaft Felt 1/2 ton
Our Price: $6.00
Detroit type.
Used on 1/2 ton Dodge except the T-207.
Oil seal yoke felt.
Driveshaft Felt 3/4 ton Small Detroit Type Universal Joint 1/2 Ton Driveshaft
Driveshaft Felt 3/4 ton
Our Price: $6.00
1/2 Ton Driveshaft
Our Price: $190.00
Oil seal yoke felt.
1/2 Ton WC Dodge driveshaft with mechanical joints.