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M37 Exhaust (Exploded View) Exhaust Pipe Flange Gasket Pipe Gasket
Pipe Gasket
Our Price: $4.50
For reference only.
Upper to lower exhaust pipe flange gasket.
Pipe to pipe gasket
Swing Eye Bolt Exhaust Clamp, Rear Lower Exhaust Clamp, Front Lower
Swing Eye Bolt
Our Price: $4.50
Swing eye bolt for header pipe Lower clamp, flexible mount Lower clamp, flexible mount.
Upper Fording Cable Bracket and Clamp Bracket, Fording Exhaust Extension Pipe
Bracket, Fording Exhaust
Our Price: $18.00
Extension Pipe
Our Price: $18.00
Upper fording cable bracket and clamp. Mounts on the carb / airhorn junction.
Rear exhaust stowage for the fording pipe Tailpipe extension
Rear Exhaust Stowage Bracket Rear Hanger Front Hanger
Rear Hanger
Our Price: $25.00
Front Hanger
Our Price: $25.00
Required to install your fording exhaust stack.
Rear hanger at muffler Front hanger at muffler
M43 Tailpipe Extension Header Pipe Tailpipe
M43 Tailpipe Extension
Our Price: $25.00
Header Pipe
Our Price: $30.00
Our Price: $45.00
Extension pipe at the end of the tailpipe upper exhaust pipe with flange.
Tailpipe off muffler
Manifold Stud Kit Muffler Header Pipe
Manifold Stud Kit
Our Price: $60.00
Our Price: $78.00
Header Pipe
Our Price: $80.00
Civilian Dodge, WC Dodge, civilian power wagon and M37. New reproduction muffler Head pipe off manifold