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Mil. Jr. Oil Filter Inlet Decal Mil. Jr. Oil Filter Outlet Decal Fuel Indicator Decal
Fuel Indicator Decal
Our Price: $1.90
Mounts on the dash.
High Beam Indicator Decal M Series Fording Warning Decal Battery Box Warning Decal
Mounts on the dash.
Mounted on the dash.
Mil. Jr. Oil Filter Lid Decal Mil. Jr. Oil Filter Body Decal Good Driver Decal
Good Driver Decal
Our Price: $3.50
Often mounted on the dash or the door.
Radio Power Warning Decal 60 Amp Alternator Battery Warning Decal Lube Order
Lube Order
Our Price: $4.99
This decal was used on the 60A alternator used in the late M series vehicles.
Lubrication Order for M37 (G741), laminated.
Transmission Supplement Kilroy Was Here Decal Jerry Can Lid Seal
Transmission Supplement
Our Price: $5.00
Kilroy Was Here Decal
Our Price: $5.00
Jerry Can Lid Seal
Our Price: $5.50
Supplement to TM 9-2520-232-35. 10 pages. Original vintage copy, slight water damage.
Fun Kilroy was here decal to place anywhere on your vehicle.
Power Train, Body & Frame Supplement Manual Mil. Jr. Oil Filter Decal Set Transmission Mechanical Assembly Manual
Power Train, Body & Frame for Dodge M37 (G741), supplement.
Includes filter body, Inlet, Outlet and lid ID decals.
New process 420 Transmission for M37B1.
Power Plant Heater Manual Hot Water Personnel Heater Manual, M37 The Production Story 1949-1968, M37 Manual
Power Plant Heater Manual
Our Price: $10.00
Power Plant Heater for Dodge M37 (G741). 44 pages. Government reprint.
Hot Water Personnel Heater for Dodge M37 (G741). 17 pages, Original vintage copy.
3/4 TON 4x4, M37/M37B1 and M37CDN Canadian series vehicles.
Jerry Can Cap Upper Fording Cable Bracket and Clamp License Plate Bracket
Jerry Can Cap
Our Price: $14.00
License Plate Bracket
Our Price: $15.00
Upper fording cable bracket and clamp. Mounts on the carb / airhorn junction.
Attach your license plate to your vehicle with this handy bracket. Can be used on front or rear.
Pick Axe Handle Rear Exhaust Stowage Bracket Pioneer Strap Kit
Pick Axe Handle
Our Price: $16.00
Pioneer Strap Kit
Our Price: $23.00
Required to install your fording exhaust stack.
Three strap set for the pioneer tools.
Engine & Clutch Manual Fuel Pumps Manual 1 1/2" Budd Lug Wrench
Engine & Clutch Manual
Our Price: $23.99
Fuel Pumps Manual
Our Price: $25.00
1 1/2" Budd Lug Wrench
Our Price: $35.00
Rebuild Engine & Clutch, G741, Dodge M37 Series 3/4 Ton Truck.
Covers Auto-Lite, Carter Mechanical, Carter Electric and AC Fuel pumps.
NOS part.