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Douglas Wire Grommet Spark Plug Ring Harness Clip, Chassis
Douglas Wire Grommet
Our Price: $0.40
Spark Plug Ring
Our Price: $0.50
Harness Clip, Chassis
Our Price: $1.00
Rubber grommet for the 14g wire tip end Seals the spark plug to the head.
Frame clip for the main harness
1-to-1 Connector Interlink Female Douglas Connector Male Douglas Connector
Male Douglas Connector
Our Price: $1.50
Plastic interlink between the Douglas bullit tip ends
Headlamp Seal Clip Instrument Panel Light Bulb Dash Lamp Bulb 24V
Headlamp Seal Clip
Our Price: $1.50
Dash Lamp Bulb 24V
Our Price: $2.20
Headlamp seal clip. These are often missing or rusted out. 5 required per seal.
24 volt bulb for instrument panel and hi-beam indicator.
Dash lamp bulb for 24 volt systems, M37, M38 and M38A1.
Douglas Connector, double female Douglas Connector, double male Spark Plug Wire Clip Long
Double wire large shell for the metal Douglas harnesses Single wire large shell for the metal Douglas harnesses Spring steel construction, long clip.
Spark Plug Wire Clip Short B.O. Marker, Service Stop Lamp Bulb Headlamp Grommet
Headlamp Grommet
Our Price: $3.00
Spring steel construction, short clip.
24 volt, large dual filament, single contact.
Three hole grommet for the headlamp wires.
Battery Box Warning Decal Harness Clip Medium Harness Clip, Large
Harness Clip Medium
Our Price: $3.75
Harness Clip, Large
Our Price: $3.75
Engine bay harness clip, medium Engine bay harness clip, large
Harness Clip, Small Instrument Panel Dzus Stud Instrument Panel Dzus Dash Clip
Harness Clip, Small
Our Price: $3.75
Engine bay harness clip, small.
Used on M series vehicles.
Used on M series vehicles.
Instrument Panel Dzus Stud Washer 60 Amp Alternator Battery Warning Decal Generator Support Bolt
Generator Support Bolt
Our Price: $5.00
Used on M series vehicles.
This decal was used on the 60A alternator used in the late M series vehicles.
For use with the generator support shoulder rubber bushing.
Ignition Switch Lever Generator Upper Shoulder Bolt Distributor Point Plate Kit
Ignition Switch Lever
Our Price: $5.00
24V point plate kit
Taillight Door Grommet Generator Bushing Distributor Cap O Ring
Taillight Door Grommet
Our Price: $6.00
Generator Bushing
Our Price: $6.00
Distributor Cap O Ring
Our Price: $6.00
Large O ring seal for the tail light door Rubber bushing for the generator mounting Used on all M Series distributors.