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Valve Stem Seal Oil Pump Strainer Float Support Gasket Mil. Jr. Oil Filter Inlet Decal
Valve Stem Seal
Our Price: $1.00
Seal holds the valve stem into the retainer. Used on the M38A1 and the CJ5.
Used on all 4 cylinder jeep engines.
Mil. Jr. Oil Filter Outlet Decal Crankshaft Pulley Shield Spacer Engine Pulley to Crank Woodruff Key
6 required
3/16 X 3/4, also known as No. 606 or No. 9.
Spark Plug Wire Clip Long Spark Plug Wire Clip Short Crankshaft Main Bearing Dowel Pin
Spring steel construction, long clip.
Spring steel construction, short clip.
Crankshaft Shim Valve Cover Bolt Valve Cover Decal
Crankshaft Shim
Our Price: $2.75
Valve Cover Bolt
Our Price: $3.00
Valve Cover Decal
Our Price: $3.00
.002 shim for the crankshaft pulley.
Special bolt for holding the valve cover to block
Mil. Jr. Oil Filter Lid Decal Mil. Jr. Oil Filter Body Decal Exhaust Manifold Nuts
Exhaust Manifold Nuts
Our Price: $3.75
Brass pinch nuts for the manifold stud locations
Intake Valve Guide Exhaust Valve Guide Valve Keepers
Intake Valve Guide
Our Price: $4.00
Exhaust Valve Guide
Our Price: $4.00
Valve Keepers
Our Price: $4.00
Intake and exhaust valve spring keeper set. Used with all intake valves on the L head engines and the new non-rotating type exhaust vavles in the L&F head engines. These are sold as a set, not per 1/2.

Bell Housing Inspection Cover Gasket Timing Indicator Pointer Valve Tappet Adjustment Screw
Foam rubber seal used with the 6 bolt inspection cover on the bell housing Fits the M38 and M38A1.
NOS valve tappet adjustment screw for all Jeep and Dodge engines.
Crankshaft Pulley Nut Valve Spring Retainer, Lower Lever Bolt
Crankshaft Pulley Nut
Our Price: $6.00
Lever Bolt
Our Price: $8.00
Nut to hold your crankshaft pulley in place and tight.
Valve spring retainer used on intake and exhaust for the WWII jeeps, CJ2A, CJ3A.
Lower bell crank pivot bolt at valve cover
Crankshaft Dowel Pin, Straight Crankshaft Dowel Pin, Tappered Spark Plug Wire Clip Kit
Straight Dowel Pin Tappered Dowel Pin.
Spring steel construction, 4 clip kit.
Timing Gear Cover Gasket Valve Spring Cover Gasket, Cork Mil. Jr. Oil Filter Decal Set
Cover gasket for all 4 cylinder F and L head engines used by Jeep.
Lower valve tappet cover plate gasket as used on all 4 cylinder jeep engines, both L and F head types. Includes filter body, Inlet, Outlet and lid ID decals.