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Modification of Clutch Release Pedal Rod Manual Stowage Locations For Pioneer Tools and Brackets Manual M38A1 / M170 Hot Water Personnel Heater Manual
M38, M38A1, M38A1C and front line ambulance M170.
Stowage locations for pioneer tools and mounting brackets on M series wheeled vehicles. Hot Water Personnel Heater for M38A1 & M170 Ambulance (G758).
All Changes in Force Manual M38A1 Parts Manual M38A1 Basic Parts, Tools and Equipment Manual
M38A1 Parts Manual
Our Price: $15.00
Classification, purpose, characteristics and performance info along with a halftone sketch of each vehicle.
TM 9-2320-208-20P Basic Parts, Illustrated for G758.
This is mostly textual listings with very few pictures.
Fuel Pumps Manual M38A1 Engine and Clutch Manual M38A1 Operator Manual
Fuel Pumps Manual
Our Price: $25.00
M38A1 Operator Manual
Our Price: $39.00
Covers Auto-Lite, Carter Mechanical, Carter Electric and AC Fuel pumps.
TM 9-8015-1 Rebuild: Engine & Clutch M38A1, w/ supplement.
Operator & Maintenance, G758, "M38A1" April 1955 Edition.
M38A1 Illustrated Parts Manual Rebuild Manual for Carter Carburetors (1952) Pioneer Axe
Pioneer Axe
Our Price: $60.00
Illustrated Parts Complete, G758, M38A1 jeep.
Covers maintenance and repair of Carter carburetors.
Pioneer axe for the M38A1. Special only for this jeep.