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Catalyzed Urethane Synthetic Enamel Spray Paint
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Paint for Vintage Military Vehicles & Equipment

Almost all cars and trucks today are painted with two part two stage urethane paint. The “two part” refers to the addition of a catalyst to the paint at the time of application. The chemical reaction of combining the two elements together helps to create a longer lasting finish that is far more durable than a single part paint product. “Two stage” refers to the addition of clear coats on top of the actual colored paint of the vehicle.

The addition of any catalyst with paint creates a finish that begins to move away from being flat (Lustreless) to glossy. As a result, the military vehicle restorer has not been able to take advantage of the quality of modern paint development.


After months of research and development, Midwest Military is proud to offer the vintage military vehicle restorer a quality two part urethane paint specifically formulated to remain as flat as chemically possible and more durable than the paint used in the 1940’s.